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General Support Issues

Issues with slow speeds?

There are several things that can cause slow speeds. The most common issue is tower congestion. There are other factors like home interference and tower repair.

  • Tower Congestion
    • To determine if congestion is the issue, we recommend running a speed test early in the morning.
    • Please note, Tower congestion is worse during peak hours, weekends, holidays and when school is out.
    • To run a speedtest, connect to your router and then go to speedtest.net and hit GO. Keep a log of time and speeds.
    • We recommend running a test first thing in the morning and then once every hour throughout the day.
    • During peak hours you will generally see slower speeds.
    • Solutions: External anntenas, upgrading your router and/or plan, band locking (may only be an option for newer routers. Click here for band lock guide)
  • Connected Devices
    • The more devices you have connected, even if they are not in use by an individual, could be utilizing a lot of bandwidth, meaning overall decreased speeds.
  • Home Interference
    • Sometimes things in the home and the home itself can cause interference with the router. This is typical with metal style homes or roofs.
    • We recommend first plugging the router up outside and running 2 to 3-speed tests.
    • Bring the router inside and try to find a location getting close to the speed that you received outside.
      • If there is a significant difference in speed from outside to inside. You will need to invest in external antennas for your router.
Once you have tested everything above to the best of your ability and believe you still need assistance, please email kevinrivers1@gmail.com. Be prepared, if needed, you may have to mail us your router to run diagnostics on the router.

No internet Service

If your devices are connected to the router and the device says, "No Internet Service" or something similar, follow the steps below.

  • Reboot router
    • Unplug router from the wall for 15 seconds and give it about 10 minutes to see if it reconnects to the internet.
  • Check if router is reading the SIM Card
  • Tower Down/ Repair
    • In rare cases,a tower may be down
    • Take your router to another location 10 to 15 miles away and test to determineif it is a tower problem.
  • Payment
    • If your payment failed, and you did not repurchase with the link emailed and/or texted, you may be subject to an activation fee and/or an increased rate(if you have a legacy plan)
If you have read the above and still having issues or need to get payment fixed please email kevinrivers1@gmail.com

Router Settings (Wifi, etc.)

Disclaimer! We do not support changing router settings outside updating Wifi settings!

NAT Type

This Type of internet service will get a Type 3 or Strict NAT type. The only way around this is to use a VPN. Please note! If you use a VPN, it will slow your speeds and increase latency. We have created a guide on how to setup a VPN using Private internet access's services. We cannot provide support for setting up the VPN. You must go by the guide. Click here for VPN Guide Disclaimer! We do not support changing router settings outside updating Wifi settings!

Live Streaming Service(e.g Hulu live, YoutubeTV, FuboTV) Issues

Some Streaming services have issues working with this type of internet. We have found that YoutubeTV generally works the best. Hulu Live will not work with wireless internet. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any of these to work due to this type of Internet service.